Why Mail-In Repair?

Mail-in Chromebook Repair for Education

Step 1: Student fills out the Student Repair Form.  The student will fill out this form indicating what repair is needed, their address, email address, school, grade level, and serial number of their device.  The form can be found at the top of our website under Students->Chromebook Repair Form

Step 2: Within 24-48 hours, student will receive a shipping label and box from RefurbishedComputers.com (All devices will be shipped (free 1-day shipping via FedEx)

Step 3: Student will place their damaged chromebook in the provided box and apply label to the box.

Step 4: Student/parent takes the provided shipping box to their local Fed Ex location or Fed Ex drop box. 

Step 5: RefurbishedComputers.com will repair and ship the device back to the student's home. (approximately 4-7 days