In America alone, more than 140 million cell phones will end up in a landfill this year.  This presents toxic materials such as lead, cadmium, nickel, and lithium that can contaminate our soil and drinking water.  Not only that – Computers and mobile phones contain precious parts like silver, gold, copper, and plastics that are trashed every single day.


Mail-in Electronics Recycling


It's simple and easy for you to use.

Simply take any of your small electronic items and ship it to us. The only charge you incur is shipping. The recommended method would be to use the USPS flat rate boxes, they're cheap and give different size options. This is ideal for small items like laptops, game consoles, cell phones, etc..

Any equipment will be properly disposed of including all hard drives.

If you have any questions concerning any equipment you can send feel free to email us at:

Send your equipment directly to Corporate headquarters:

Forerunner Recycling
11520 S. US Highway 71
Kansas City, Mo 64137

Call 877-478-6611 for more information.


  • Simple and Easy
  • You Pay Shipping Only
  • Use USPS Flat Rate Box


  • Laptops
  • Game Consoles
  • Cell Phones
  • Hard Drives

Free Electronics Recycling Pickup

We provide 100% free in-home and in-business electronics pickup for recycling.  As Microsoft Certified Refurbishers, we can offer safe and secure data deletion or even return your data back to you on a hard drive or thumb drive for a small fee.

We accept everything from broken and dirty to modern electronics. We are specifically looking for laptops, desktop PCs, flat screen televisions, tablets, netbooks, cell phones, stereo receivers, LCD computer monitors, video game systems, accessories and peripherals.

We will pickup tube televisions or CRT monitors ONLY if they are accompanied by more valuable items, otherwise we charge a fee of $2 per diagonal inch of screen.

We frequently offer recycling promotions, so keep an eye on our Facebook page to see if you can qualify to receive your data back for free or even receive a Visa gift card for your donation.

We are committed to protecting the environment, conserving precious materials, and has a zero landfill policy.  We’ll recycle your obsolete (end-of-life) cell phones and batteries.  Mailing your devices to us is simple and easy to get started – fill out the recycling form, print out a free shipping label, and mail us your devices.