Corporate Identity

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, we give businesses and organizations the opportunity to use company laptops as “billboards” to increase and reinforce brand awareness. If compared with the cost of print ads, TV advertising and other media, a branded laptop yields the lowest cost per impression.

Company sales representatives report that branded laptops are excellent “icebreakers” when making presentations and at trade shows.

We have refined and improved our processes for applying a permanent quality finish to a variety of computer surfaces.

For us, personalization is about giving our customers choices. You simply choose the colors, the artwork or the photos you want to express your interests, tastes, hobbies and passions on your laptop.

Just as people have choices in the clothes they wear, the car they drive, and the décor in their home, school and office, we can offers choices about the way your “laptop” looks.  Our design department will gladly work with you to customize a design of your choosing.